A Future of Living series

Source: NewTerritory

The customer journey is a key tool that lets us slow down, unpack and analyse the key stages of how we experience a product or service. We use it to understand customer moments and brand touch-points and find spaces along it to anchor specific ideas or concepts: We map a journey, articulate key moments, identify areas of delta and then ideate on how to resolve problems, amplify successes or create new moments.

Where the journey once focused on describing a singular experience it has now become something more complex and rich, more interwoven with other experiences across living, working and moving. Digital acceleration has meant that the ways we shop, travel, bank, share and learn (amongst many other things) have all moved closer together. They overlap in the space and time that we undertake them, but also in the quality of the experience that we expect from them — each customer experience we enjoy informs our appreciation of the next, and changes our expectations of them all.

For us the new customer journey is becoming a tool to explore opportunities more broadly, to look sideways, to layer up different activities, aspirations and needs into more meaningful experiences — by doing this we create better connected spaces, services and products. The new journey is where we take observations and learnings from one sector and re-craft them to transform another.

It’s been evident for a while but never clearer than now that we can no longer design objects or services in silos: at NewTerritory our research and work in mobility informs our work in the urban realm; our work in spatial design informs our work in consumer products at home and in the workplace. Our work across all of these helps us reshape one sector with learnings and approaches from another, and help creative teams think outside of their industry to see emergent behaviours and develop meaningful and profitable innovations.

So where does this journey take us? The next set of posts look at how Living, Working and Moving are being transformed by the New Landscape and the New Journeys that move through it.

Author: Hugo Jamson, Creative Director at NewTerritory.

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