As we grow more comfortable using technology to sense us as individuals — from wearables that track biometric data to devices that read facial and gestural characteristics — NewTerritory is asking what these technologies might mean for our homes in the years ahead.

We are exploring how such technologies can…

As we have grown to value our local communities more over the pandemic — how can we use these learnings as a design driver for progressive change?

As home building gathers pace and as more and more of us consider life and work outside of big cities we’re asking how…

As people pursue lifestyles in the suburbs and outside of city centres, having experienced the possibility and reality of working from home and the personal benefits of not having to commute daily to the office, the lens of our urban narrative is now focused on what our cities will become…

Where next for destination retail?

In the face of challenges from online, changing consumer lifestyles and new concerns for wellbeing and sustainability, what can Shopping Centres do to become fresh again?

Their formats and the experiences they offered hadn’t changed for years. …

How can tomorrows products and services adapt to the evolving needs of the future home?

Image reference: NewTerritory owned concept.

We are spending more and more time at home. The percentage of people in the US and UK working from home nearly doubled in 2020.

Even as offices, schools, restaurants and bars start to reopen…

How the design industry can set out the path for the future of food.

The last year has seen people reconsider the food they put in their bodies like never before: whether the rise of veganism in the UK (40% increase), investment into meat, egg and dairy substitutes (USD 3.1…

Illustration by Jeanne Grafteaux, Senior Industrial Designer at NewTerritory.

The benefits of ‘Mobility as a Service’ are well understood and deeply felt. Our city streets and the way we navigate through the urban environment has been transformed by the interconnectedness of communal, light-touch, transport solutions.

This has helped fuel the sea-change in our priorities of the last year in…

Urban mobility is transforming our city streets.

Illustration by Jeanne Grafteaux, Senior Industrial Designer at NewTerritory.

There is an ever-increasing choice of innovative, slick and convenient mobility solutions being offered to city inhabitants, from ride sharing platforms to un-docked light vehicles, supported by a well-developed and embedded delivery infrastructure.

With the gradual return to some form of normality, many…

Illustration by Jeanne Grafteaux, Senior Industrial Designer at NewTerritory.

Cities, brands and individuals are re-evaluating the definition of urban mobility. It’s no longer about a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Traditional singular solutions are evolving into more sustainable, practical, meaningful approaches fit for specific purposes at specific times. Pragmatic on the one hand, more experientially rich on the other.


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